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Borshch Issue 5

Borshch Issue 5

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Music has the power to reach the darkest corners of the psyche and drive out an unquiet spirit. To purge, transform, heal, and enlighten. After a radical personal transformation, Aïsha Devi makes music with an intention to purge and heal people. Awoken after a physical trauma, Prequel Tapes reclaims his forgotten sound and reveals a new musical identity. Marie Davidson confesses about obsessive and destructive behaviors since her teenage years and the role of music in her process. Without shame of living with chronic depression, Object Blue resorts to the healing capabilities of music and feels bare and incomplete without it. Knocked down after a panic attack Jasss discovers the heavy weight of self-tyranny and faces the dark layers of her true self. Bergsonist creates sonic weapons to soothe anxieties, while Iron Sight explains how distorted sound becomes armor for a sensitive nature. In the pursuit of a sound mind, the issue provokes openness and honest dialogues to remind ourselves of the transformative power of music and underground communities and to rediscover empathy.

In sweaty basements and concrete cathedrals, we enter the darkness. We challenge our senses with obscure electronic music and unsettling environments to feel comfortable with our discomfort. Animistic Beliefs, Deena Abdelwahed, Rrose, Lucrecia Dalt, Klein, Alessandro Adriani, and Ziúr commit to neither darkness nor light. In the democratic culture of shadows embodied in DIY studios and on stuffy dancefloors, these musicians experiment with our dark sides. In their process, sins, injustice, and disquiet are as human and real as pleasures and joy. Think of entering the dark as an act of coming home, to the cave where the primary source of life is hidden.Language: English 

Edition: 1000

31 x 23 cm.