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Cercle #8

Cercle #8

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Cercle is an independent and thematic magazine published once a year. Every year, a new issue. Each issue, a new topic. Cercle tries to gather information around one main topic and to propose a support that values ​​contemporary artistic creation, culture and science.

Issue 8 - Ghosts 

If ‘ghost’ is an essentially impalpable term with blurry outlines, one thing is for sure, they are among us! We are not trying to find out whether or not they exist – to each his own idea – but rather to understand what they evoke via this state of simultaneous presence and absence. Throughout history, via philosophical, artistic and scientific questioning, and the passing on of fabulous tales, ghosts have followed the course of our cultures and societies.
Through them, it’s our relationship to sensations and time that is in question. They are a metaphor of the past and representative of a certain form of memory. Ghosts are also a perfect outlet and object of entertainment. Thus, like a spectrograph, this eighth edition of Cercle reveals on paper a ghostly selec-tion seen through the prisms of history, objects, film and attraction.
So, Spirits, are you there? 

20 x 26,5cm

136 pages