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Food& Losers

Food& Losers

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Unusual Encounters with Food.

Food& is a Berlin based biannual publication that explores unusual encounters with food.

We are an experiment; a reflection on the relation and use of one of our most basic needs; an excuse to meet new people and spread their work; a strange and fun assignment.

A new group of startups are emerging that explore the potential of lab-grown meet and self-sustaining fish tanks. In contrast to traditional fish farms, these artificial aquariums consist of circular living environments in which the excrements of fish serve as food for the aquatic plants which then clean the water and provide nutrients for insects which in turn serve as food for the fish hence closing (and starting) the cycle again. These companies foresee a huge market in sustainable fish farming as they believe that in the near future fish will be poisonous as the acidity level of the water is increasingly elevating due to the vast amounts of plastic that reach our seas and springs daily. Looking back at our naive (and rather haunting) cover statement under this dystopic future scenario, we realise that it suddenly becomes paradoxical and even meaningless as animals are no longer made out of food (because they cannot be eaten). Humans will not consider stopping eating meat, they will (and already have) developed technologies to provide society with animal food either by growing it on a laboratory or recreating artificial habitats that imitate the natural environment.

The ouroboros teaches us one thing — perfection lies in the circle and the circle is within us; it is not anything we build externally, like laboratories or incubators, we, instead, have to incorporate a holistic attitude towards food in our personal daily routines and as a collective. We will never form a cycle if we don't eat what we ate, if we don't re-collect, if we don't feed-back, and until then we will always find ourselves unbalanced, staggering around, before we fall and fail. •

Take and eat. This is my body.

FORMAT 21×29,7cm