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Ìrìn Journal #1: Lagos, Nigeria

Ìrìn Journal #1: Lagos, Nigeria

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Taking its meaning from the Yoruba word for ‘walk’ and ‘journey’; – the ìrìn journal is a biannual print magazine that explores African culture through travel, people and communities. With curiosity at our core, we offer a fresh perspective of popular and overlooked locations around Africa.

By focusing on “place”, we shine an authentic light on the diverse stories that come together to make up the unique identity of a city. Stories spanning from food to fashion, history, art, design and even film….

The concept is simple: to inform and educate our readers, by documenting these diverse cultures and therefore inspiring them to explore….

Our first issue is all about Lagos, the most populous city in Africa. Lagos is full of character, it’s bubbly, loud, lively, it’s everything you want it to be. For all the hype and information about Lagos, there are still thousands of stories that are yet to be told. For this issue, expect 200 pages of engaging storytelling, visuals and conversations that touch on the city, its historyrhythmpeoplefood and many more…