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Matto #1

Matto #1

16.00 €


An independent magazine about art-design-literature-photography-fashion-sex. 

Created by Aldo Buscalferri and Dominika Hadelova, based in Paris.

270 x 200 mm / 144 pages  


In this first issue, a studio visit with a Japanese artist MASAHO ANOTANI in Tokyo, an interview and home visit with urban research duo METASITU based in Kiev/Athens, a 24- page portfolio by ARAKI NOBUYOSHI, an interview with a Swiss-Chilean shoe designer NINA CHRISTEN formerly working for Celine, an interview with METAHAVEN on their video work at ICA London, non-fiction by Irish writer and lecturer MARIA FUSCO, an interview with an Indian designer HARSH PAREKH working at Maison Lesage, photography by award-winning director CLAIRE COTTRELL based in Los Angeles, a conversation on unusual materials with a Scottish installation artist CLAIRE BARCLAY, a reportage of a fetish soiree Department-H in Tokyo by SAKIKO NOMURA, collages by MAKOTO ORUI, a studio visit with experimental designer MARLENE HUISSOUD working with insect waste, an interview and photography series by ANA KRAS, a Serbian photographer-designer based in New York, a conversation on sartorial matters with ANJA CRONBERG, the founder of Vestoj, a photography series by ALICE SCHILLACI, a reportage from a clubbing soiree LA TOILETTE in Paris, a special design feature by THESEUS CHAN from WORK Singapore, working closely on projects with Rei Kawakubo.