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Matissology- David Mendez Alonso

Matissology- David Mendez Alonso

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We present the work of David Mendez Alonso, an artist whose compositional distortion, bold colour and irreverent sense of play takes on the baton of Henri Matisse. A pictorial essay between then and now. Matissology is a seduction of abstract shapes and bright colours. A smattering of emotional energy in front of blank space. The book is an in depth look into the work and practice of Barcelona based David Mendez Alonso with accompanying essays from by Manuel Garrido Barberá and Sonia Méndez.  “His artistic production, as is the case with the French master, reflects limitless curiosity, boundless creativity, and absolute nerve.” writes Barbera.
240mm/170mm- 80 pages. Offset. Printed in London. Published by Belly Kids. Designed by Manu Rodríguez. Presented at Beach London.