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Aaahhh! - Guilherme Karsten

Aaahhh! - Guilherme Karsten

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A big noise echoes around the world, causing chaos and confusion. What could it be? A strange force from another world? An out-of-tune saxophonist? A meteor crashing into a horn factory? And where does it comes from? Everyone’s in for a big surprise when the truth comes out!

Whatever is that noise? Aaahhh! The highest mountain in the world has collapsed; where once there were two poles – north and south – now there is a middle pole. A loud and terrible noise is permeating the whole planet. It is so loud that nobody can hear themselves think and it’s causing chaos and confusion. Is it a strange noise from outer space? Is someone playing a saxophone out of tune? Has a meteor crashed into a trombone factory? Just what is making that terrible racket? Everyone is in for a big surprise when the source of the noise is discovered!

This witty picture book is great fun. Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer Guilherme Karsten has used a mixed media of paint, crayon and collage packed full of detail creating a hilariously ‘loud’ story.



27.5 x 22.5 cm