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Accent Issue 4

Accent Issue 4

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Meet the glittering Accent A-list: gurus, shop girls, agony aunts, botanists and queer club kids

This issue, we share stories of the glittering Accent A-list: unique personalities making a positive change in the world. Think of it as a gossip magazine with all the juice and twice the heart. In issue 4: Accent talks to Izaak, the son of soul superstar Sade, about being a trans icon and his love for his Mumma; the Instagram-era tattoo artist Manuela Soto on fighting abuse in the industry, and the fabulous Parisian botanist Patrick Blanc gives us his home gardening tips

PLUS! Ask Brenda, Accent’s no-nonsense agony aunt; sex tips from Liv Fontaine; stories of a career shop girl; and words to live by from Kala Kala, the Guru of Soho.

Accent is a biannual print magazine dedicated to celebrating lives lived outside the ordinary from around the world.  It is a collection of true stories about inspirational, extraordinary people who dare to live life on their own terms. These are the everyday heroes who make the world a brighter place simply by being themselves.