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Beneficial Shock! #1

Beneficial Shock! #1

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 Beneficial Shock! Is an independently run biannual film magazine unlike any other. It takes a humorous and irreverent look at movies through the creative lens of a motley crew of talented illustrators, designers and writers. Each thematic issue looks to challenge established modes of publishing by extending the editorial experience to the screen – becoming as much a magazine to watch as to read.



Food doesn’t just fill our bellies, it is labored over, passionately discussed and is the diverse glue that binds many families and communities together. But, as we’ll see, it is also on occasion used as the basis of alien artillery, stepped on, penetrated, stabbed and thrown. Oh, and lest we forget, we are food too. Let the banquet begin!


Issue 1 features work by Jay Wright, Dave Biskup, Eleanor Shakespeare, Gary Embury and Jakob Hinrichs lending their penmanship to features on surreal food in Roald Dahl films, food fights from east European art-house cinema and a theoretical treatise on the digestive process of Hitchcock's Psycho. Alongside these more meaty features are a bevvy of graphic novels, mock adverts and an abridged history of cinema's most humble snack: popcorn.