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This life is stranger than fiction - Benji Knewman vol. 13

This life is stranger than fiction - Benji Knewman vol. 13

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It's been a year of magical thinking.


"My mom at some point understood that my relationship with this woman had become "unhealthy", so to speak. And then she said, "But you do understand that you will have to lick cunt?!" "Good thing you told me, Mom. It wouldn’t have occurred to me, I thought we’d just hold hands!""


"I left Riga that winter on a pilgrimage to Lake Sevan, where the periscope-like cafe front of the Writers’ Resort faces out onto choppy waters. The story behind this site is full of longing and absence, and I felt it all the more because I’d left someone in Riga, knowing, though not admitting to myself, that things were coming to an end."


"How anatomically revealing pornographic videos are doesn’t concern me, though some angles teach me new things about the human body. It is impossible to gain sexual pleasure from watching videos that have so clearly been created to please men who have no interest in the sexual pleasure of women."


"I bought myself a good knife. The first evening I cut my hand twice. That’s good, wise people say, the knife is getting used to you and striking up a friendship. Then the knife cut up the sponge and the cutting board began to resemble the arms of a depressed teenager. And yet it’s great to have your own knife. Now I’ll go and buy myself some baking soda for the homey feeling to settle in."


Benji Knewman was born in 2014, in the artistic union of Agnese Kleina, journalist, director and concept designer of Zuzeum Art Centre, and editorial designer Madara Krieviņa.

Made in Riga and curated for the world, Benji Knewman is a bookazine affectionately presenting life that you can read and expanding the definition of normal. By linking east and west Benji Knewman is doing something nobody else is doing.

Benji Knewman the bookazine is the literary arm of ethically made and wittily designed life that you can wear. Functional art objects in the form of everyday clothing are linking personal to political and are embodying the dull ache of the soul, the eternal yearning (smeldze in Latvian, тоска in Russian) that lies within human nature, especially if the given individual was born in the former Soviet bloc.

Benji Knewman merges past with present and marries life with art. It is sustainable and responsible and MADE IN RIGA.

272 pgs, 20 × 14 cm, Softcover.