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Blad Journal #8

Blad Journal #8

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BLAD is a biannual magazine on house plants, green fingers and urban plant life. 
The issues are bilingual, presenting every article in the original Danish and an English translation, preserving the Nordic tone of voice, while reaching out into the world.

BLAD 8 is an ode to a country and a culture, which we admire and feel inspired by. We’re focussing on Japan and its clean, simple aesthetics and complexity when it comes to culture, design and nature.

We have always found a lot of inspiration in the Japanese way of doing things – the dedication, immersion and respect applied to nature. We believe that Japanese culture can teach us a lot, and that’s why this last BLAD is about Japan.

We gaze outwards and inwards. We take you on a journey to the bonsai town, Omiya, where we visit a 93-year-old bonsai master, who has dedicated his life to his plants. We take on our own interpretation of ikebana, we get a taste of Japan, slow down the pace and soak in nature.

* BLAD 8 is bilingual (Danish/English) and comes with a Translation Booklet Inside in Japanese

Bidragsydere / Contributors

Forsidefoto / Cover Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen
Skribenter / Writers: Liv C. Hotvedt Laursen, Louise Jacobsen & Marie Hougaard Jakobsen
Fotografer / Photographers: Alexander Banck-Petersen, Daisuke Hamada, Katrine Møbius & Yoshinori Mizutani
Art Direction & design: Liv Caroline Hotvedt Laursen & Louise Jacobsen, JPN booket: Kozue Yamada
Illustrationer / Illustrations: Masahiro Owada
Translation: Camilla V. Lindberg Christiansen (ENG) & Sakiko Fukuda (JPN)

Korrektur: Martin Lund, Skriverådet
Proofreading (ENG): Sanoop Luke
Plantekorrektur / Proofreading plants: Ole Lyshede & Rikke Pape

Specifikationer / Facts
Format : 17x24cm, 80 sider
Oplag: 1.000 eksemplarer
Sprog: Dansk & English
Print: Offset
+ A5 folder med japansk oversættelse


Language: English & Danish
Size: 17x24cm
Pages: 80
Print: Offset
+ A5 Japanese translation