Boobs - Ken Kagami
Boobs - Ken Kagami Boobs - Ken Kagami Boobs - Ken Kagami Boobs - Ken Kagami Boobs - Ken Kagami

Boobs - Ken Kagami


Zine published by Innen & Nieves.

Kagami’s distinctive works are characterized by their simple expression of conflicting ideas. Pure and virginal plastic and soft toys created for babies and children are boldly combined with objects, which represent sex, violence and excrement. These two worlds, which naturally never crossover, merge and transform objects into giggle-inducing, amiable, yet bizarre pieces of art which invoke a horrific, natural human instinct. This is achieved through Kagami’s sharp sense of color, form and pure ideas.

Kagami’s work humorously confronts social taboos and has received glowing reviews not only in Japan, but also overseas. His international solo exhibitions include SNOOPee at The Journal Gallery, New York (2008) andHELLOWIEN presented by Krinzinger Projekte in Vienna (2006). Kagami's work has also inspired San Francisco based independent rock group,Deerhoof (Kill Rock Stars) and has served as stage, costuming and album concept material. 

44 pgs.

14 × 20 cm.



Tipo: Libro

Marca: Tan & Loose Press

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