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Buffalo Zine Issue 6

Buffalo Zine Issue 6

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Buffalo Zine is a shapeshifter, every issue is different (originally a meta-newspaper about a magazine, then a grunge zine, then a Victorian children’s novel) and as ever, they haven’t just adopted a new format for the sake of it. The magazine is shifting from annual to biannual, and the editors have reflected their new concern for the business side of things with a close up look at advertising, selling and buying, and by extension, desire. The glossy catalogue is the natural visual format for these themes.

Issue 6: 


"What I really like about interiors (and let’s ignore the existence of social media, ha!) is the fact that you’re not putting the effort into what others think of you. On impressing anyone. It’s the place you live, it’s your temple, and you work on it for yourself.

Maybe also for a handful of friends you occasionally invite for dinner, but they usually like you already. Well, this issue is not our home, but it looks quite a lot like the one we wish we had. Full of amazing people, beauty, ugliness (are they not the same?), and open doors. Come in, and don’t get too comfy"



Jon Rafman


Barbara Fornasetti

Nastassja Kinski

Tina Barney

Jackie Siegel

Zandra Rhodes

Whitaker Malem

Connan Mockasin

Kate Malone

Grayson Perry

Larry Sultan

Gottfried Helnwein

Mamma Anderson

Dexter Dalwood

Kirin J Callinan




Contributing artists

Reto Schmid

Ricardo Labougle

Andreas Larsson

Bruno Staub

Julian Ganio

Rob Kulisek

Matt Holmes

Michael Hauptman

Brian Molloy

Till Janz

Danielle Van Camp

Mathilde Agius

Clare Byrne

Tina Tyrell

Leon Mark

Arnaud Lajeunie

Haley Wollens

Benjamin Barron

and many more


484 Pages
21 x 28cm