Extra Extra #7
Extra Extra #7 Extra Extra #7 Extra Extra #7 Extra Extra #7

Extra Extra #7

Una nueva visión de las revistas eróticas, con una maquetación cuidada y centrándose en diferentes ámbitos artísticos.

Extra Extra nos trae historias sudorosas de diferentes lugares del mundo y participan algunos de los productores culturales más deseables y que más admiran los editores de la revista.


Un gusto de revista en todos los sentidos!


The 7th installment of Extra Extra offers tantalizing interviews and in-depth conversations between creative minds who dare to share their fantasies. What will love look like in the future? Croatian philosopher Srećko Horvat and Dimitris Dalakoglou speak candidly on the radicality of love. Srécko, originally from Zagreb but now traveling the globe, expects a radical change in our most intimate mode of life. Moving to London, our editor Tim Hoare had a lovely conversation with playwright Simon Stephens. The director of Pornography and Song From Far Awaywrites with razor precision of trapped lives, charged cities and with overpowering sensory detail.

In an exclusive interview, poet and translator Stephen Romer and Natasha Hoare dive into the French Decadent literary and artistic movement, that placed the erotic at the heart of its aesthetic; photographer Ari Versluis witnessed the birth of the hard-core techno music underground and Gabber scene in 1990s Rotterdam, capturing people in euphoric state of trance; in Some Thoughts On, Sam Steverlynck ventures into lustful plosives and sensual labials.
Do you already know our Urbex feature? This time Övül Durmusoglu lingers in the parks of the timeless metropole Istanbul, waiting for the fabulous divas to appear.

For your added viewing pleasure, the issue also offers sultry imagery such as Billy Sullivan’s dreamy photos and paintings of friends, lovers and muses and Lin Zhipeng (aka No. 223) who – with a playful eye – documents wild parties and chaotic love.

176 páginas

Texto en inglés

24 x 17 cm.



Etiquetas: erotica, nude

Tipo: revista

Marca: Not specified

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