Extra Extra #5
Extra Extra #5 Extra Extra #5 Extra Extra #5 Extra Extra #5

Extra Extra #5

Una nueva visión de las revistas eróticas, con una maquetación cuidada y centrándose en diferentes ámbitos artísticos.

Extra Extra nos trae historias sudorosas de diferentes lugares del mundo y participan algunos de los productores culturales más deseables y que más admiran los editores de la revista.


Un gusto de revista en todos los sentidos!


176 páginas

Texto en inglés

24 x 17 cm.


Extra Extra Nouveau Magazine Erotique No 5 offers intimate converstaions lustful imagery from around the world. The issue consists erotic gems by some of the most desirable cultural producers we know. 

Novelist Alejandro Zambra and playwright Alejandro Moreno have a shared history and speak candidly on the writing of love stories and the anhedonia in the years after the nineties. We are also delighted to tell you more on the lustful masterpiece Jauja; this film ofLisandro Alonso brings you to mythical places and even time travelling. Beijing-based artist Tianzhuo Chen shares his spiritual experiences and highlights voguing in his performance in the heart of Paris. In Tokyo we encountered Sakiko Nomura to view her male nudes, warm and sensual. Extra Extra Musings studies the senses. This time it’s odour that catches our body in a lovely essay by Jonah Goodman. Extra Extra also explores the streets of Glasgow, Moscow and Vancouver and welcomes you all to join in a poetic itinerary along with sassy humor to unexpected erotic locations in Rotterdam. We hope you all enjoy this latest issue of Extra Extra.

Etiquetas: erotica, nude

Tipo: revista

Marca: Not specified

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