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Gateway to Jazz Kissa Vol.1

Gateway to Jazz Kissa Vol.1

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Tohoku is a region consisting of six prefectures located in the northeastern part of Honshu, Japan. The Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 caused enormous damage to the area. The magnitude 9 earthquake was the largest in the history of observation around Japan, and the area along the Pacific coast called "Sanriku" was devastated by the tsunami, which swept the entire city. However, shortly after this tragedy, jazz kissas reopened in various parts of Tohoku. This special feature is the story of  jazz kissas  in Tohoku that has revived from this catastrophe.


Jazz Time Johnny  Rikuzentakata,Rikuzentakata  14Pages

Cover Story: A report that tells the history and current status of the jazz kissa "Johnny", the only temporary store in Japan that was born immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Vanguard  Kesennuma,Miyagi  10Pages

One of the longest-established jazz kissa in Tohoku, founded in 1967. Although it was submerged by the tsunami, it resumed operations in October 2011 due to hard recovery work. After that, the future  was in jeopardy due to the successive deaths of the owner and master, but in October 2017, two regular customers became new masters and completely revived.

Cafe Koropokur   Kurihara,Miyagi  10Pages

Opened in 2017 by a couple who emigrated from Tokyo. JBL's best model DD67000 and other super-dreadnought digital audio sounds and the scenic view of Izunuma, known for the arrival of migratory birds, made it a popular store. A long-sought jazz life that began after retiring an office worker and leaving the land where he was accustomed to living.

Coffee & Session PABLO   Natori,Miyagi  10Pages

Two young creators breathed new life into the jazz kissa, which had lost its master due to the earthquake and was in danger of survival. Transformed into a modern jazz kissa without losing respect for the good old things.


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