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In Other Words

In Other Words

In Other Words

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The Dutch have a word specifically tied to the enjoyment of windy walks. In Portuguese, your ‘better half’ is the better portion of an orange. And the Finnish language has a word for a snowy surface just crisp enough to withstand you stomping across it…

If you’ve ever wracked your brains for a word that seems not to exist, perhaps you’re looking in the wrong language. A quirky assemblage of over 25 different languages, The Untranslatables gathers together linguistic gems from Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, French, Gaelic and Swahili (and many more besides) to entertain even the most well-versed polyglot. Embellished with characterful illustrations throughout, the compendium will have you marvelling at the humour and precision with which other cultures capture certain fleets of thought.

128 páginas

19 x 14 cm.