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Moving to Mars: Design for the Red Planet

Moving to Mars: Design for the Red Planet

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    • Edited by Justin McGuirk, Andrew Nahum and Eleanor Watson
    •  Designed by Studio Julia
    •  Getting humans to Mars has become one of the great challenges of our time. It will be an extraordinary technological feat, but also a feat of design. This is the first book dedicated to designing for the Red Planet. From life on a spacecraft to survival on Mars’ inhospitable surface, new forms of clothing, farming and architecture will be needed. This volume looks at the real work designers and architects are generating now – as well as more speculative proposals of what this future might look like. Some ask whether we should go to Mars at all, while others argue that the rigours of such a mission would force us to design a waste-free way of life.
    •  Illustrated with more than 300 images and featuring original essays by leading thinkers in their field, Moving to Mars: Design for the Red Planet includes projects by NASA, SpaceX and the European Space Agency, as well as new work by designers and architects including HASSELL, Konstantin Grcic, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and RÆBURN. It also includes an interview with the science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson, who addresses why speculative design is the ideal discipline for imagining the ‘material grammar' of a life on Mars.


    192 pages


    17 x 24cm