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Mums on Film

Mums on Film

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Ever since I became pregnant with little Olivia, I started to feel the shift. As most people had rightly predicted everything was going to change. Beliefs, priorities, the way I looked at the world, my long showers in the evening (*sighs*)… all of that went out the window the second she got here. I was taken aback by all the surprises maternity had kept for me. But right from the early stages of my pregnancy what shook me the most was the way in which mass media portrays motherhood. Simply unrelatable.

Being a photographer myself, I set out on a mission to depict a truer version of what motherhood looks like. This is how Mums on film was born, in the attempt of diving deep into what being a mother really means in this day and age. I started talking to the lovely mums that came into my studio and gathering more and more definitions on what motherhood represented for each one of them. I was so fascinated by their stories and their truth that all I could do was share.

In the hope of promoting more acceptance and less prejudice, here’s the first issue of the Mums on film magazine.

Sustainably designed and printed in Barcelona, using Shiro Eco 100% Recycled and Munken Lynx paper (both FSC & EFC certified).