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Myo #1

Myo #1

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MYO: Make Your Own.  A unique bi-annual publication that celebrates creativity in all its forms - music, play, cooking, or just day-to-day life..  Let’s make the world a more creative place!

MYO stands for Make Your Own.  In each edition we feature step-by step projects from leading designers in their field’s, cooking experiences and recipes from all around the world, and interviews with scientists, surgeons, artists and lawyers – asking the question what does creativity mean to you?

Creativity to me is a way of life, a way we think about things and problem solve and evolve, I’m lucky to have made a career out of my creativity which gives me a huge amount of pleasure, so now I want to do my bit to make the world a more creative place and here it is MYO!

Since starting MYO I’ve realised that there are so many like-minded people who are doing incredible things and I wanted to show people a little bit of what’s possible with a pinch of magical inspiration and ideas.

Donna Wilson


Current Issue:

People from all walks of life talk to us about what creativity means to them. Including:

Adam Rutherford, Roddy Woomble, Ingrid Murphy, Sheridan Coakley, Jo Lloyd and the wise words of Jack, Ethan and Betsy.


Some easy some more advanced. Projects with instructions for you to try.

Ben Wilson / Chair Fix
Jon Almond / Bird House
Kate Beckett / Easy Trousers
Peter Marigold / Wooden Toys
Rachel Matthews / Knitting
Max 7 yrs & Jona 77 yrs / Drawing from memory


Things to do with eggs, mask-making, obstacle courses, fishing, spot-the-difference, wrapped vegetables and more…


Recipes for friends and family, children or adults. Make udon noodles, do some communal pizza making or rustle up an impressive sweet potato and quinoa bake.