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NEVOAZUL Issue 1 - Impermanence

In a culture motivated by consumerism and memory, the first issue of NEVOAZUL magazine reflects about impermanence as a driven force for a simple, more meaningfull life.


Here's what you will find inside the first issue:

- An article about the benefits of organic cotton in the lives of farmers around the world

- How the ancestral art of Kintsugi turn broken ceramics into objects even more precious than they were before

- Was Albert Einstein a minimalist? An article wrote by Sam Lustgarten from the blog Frugaling

- Paintings by the artist Katte Geneta, where she represents nature fickleness using a single stroke to create a wave

- A  review about the movie Mon Oncle about simplicity and modernity

- A story about the inspiring Aileen Xu, the girl behind the youtube channel Lavendaire. 

- Three poems about Wittgenstein's silence written by Emanuel Madalena

- The virtues of impermanence online, an article about sharing in the age of Snapchat, a social network where what we share expires in 24 hours

...and more.

NEVOAZUL is an independent magazine where minimalism, consumerism and sustainability merge with art, literature and culture 

In its pages you will be able to find several articles that celebrate a simple way of life that praises sustainable consumption, slowness and creativity. Every article, photography and illustration is an invitation to a balanced life with more conversations and less shopping, more walks and less anxiety, more knowledge and less information. Written in portuguese and english, NEVOAZUL magazine will come out twice a year. The aim is to gratify the intellect and creativity, and to encourage critical thinking on society consumption habits.