Offscreen #15
Offscreen #15 Offscreen #15 Offscreen #15 Offscreen #15 Offscreen #15 Offscreen #15 Offscreen #15 Offscreen #15

Offscreen #15

Offscreen is a high-quality print periodical with an in-depth look at the life and work of people that use the internet to be creative and build successful businesses. Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the technology that makes your digital lifestyle possible? We invite you to turn off your device, grab a cup of coffee and meet the people behind bits and pixels, off screen.

In Issue 15 we asked professional futurist Amy Webb about how to think meaningfully about the future; Web Standards grandmaster Eric A. Meyer lays out an approach for building a more compassionate web experience; British entrepreneur Pip Jamieson shares the challenges of launching a ‘LinkedIn for Creatives’ – twice; and freelance coach Paul Jarvis makes a case for designing work around life, not vice versa. 

Thoughts — Food for thought by Natasha Lampard and Aimee Chou

A Day In The Life Of — Spend a day with Ahmed Magdi and Sarah Hui.

May I AskKatherine Isbister answers our questions on the emotional and social impact of video games.

A Newsletter Manifesto — Making business newsletters better out of respect for the reader, by Michael Rill.

Code That Transforms — With Laboratoria, Mariana Costa Checa changes entire communities in South America by teaching underpriviledged women basic coding skills.

Pushing the Envelope — Cardboard boxes and other packaging materials are a lucrative business opportunity for Lumi, by Stephan Ango.

Gear Guide — Accessories for the modern web worker, by Ed Macovaz.

Rules of Business — Guiding principles for doing business, by Claire Lew.

Next Gen — At JuniorLab in Berlin, Sven Ehmann asks six young people about the technology of the future.

Music Maker — Dr. Mike Butera is creating a new type of musical experience focused on exploration and creativity rather than skill sets and signal chains: Artiphon.

The Business of Being ThoughtfulDaianna Karaian advocates for a more thoughtful and sustainbale approach to making and consuming.

WorkspaceClover Network, Pantheon,, Airbnb Australia, Avant

Junior Executive — Teenage entrepreneur James Anderson unexpectedly became a role model for high school dropouts.

Just Energy Moving — How do we react to feelings? An essay by Sarah Jane Coffey

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