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OUTLET Película Instantánea Blanco y Negro 8x10

OUTLET Película Instantánea Blanco y Negro 8x10

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Designed for people who like things old school – really old school – our 8x10 film is made almost entirely by hand for classic large-format cameras, and creates photos with clarity and detail that just isn't possible on other types of film. However, it requires special equipment, a lot of manual processing and even more technical knowhow, so if you're not a seasoned veteran, you might want to try one of our other formats first.

Before Polaroid created the integral instant film we all know and love, they made manually-processed, peel-apart film. In 1973, they introduced 8x10, a large format film which creates photos of incredible quality. It's more complex than other instant film formats, but there's nothing like it, which is why we're still making it today, by hand, with no expense spared.


Impossible B&W Generation 2.0 Film is black and white instant film for 8x10, large format cameras. These film packs are offer development times and acuity not seen on previous Impossible 8x10 B&W film iterations. Using and processing the film requires a standard 8x10 film holder, an 8x10 camera and a Polaroid 8x10 processor (none of these are included).


  • 10 sheets
  • ISO 640
  • B&W instant sheet film for 8x10 cameras
  • Fastest processing time, to date
  • Develops in 4-7 mins

More info in these manual and specifications:

a) how to work with Impossible 8x10 film

b) 8x10 basics 

c) 8 x10 creative techniques