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Parks play a significant role in our societies. People have always gone there to evade reality, gather, play, hide, think, run, have sex, spy on others, wander around, orate, write, conspire, protest, murder, plant and breathe. For us, Park, the Magazine is a space to experiment, create, read, write, learn, design, collaborate and have fun.

Park is a biannual publication, with each issue exploring a broad concept through multidisciplinary collaborations. Park presents the curious, the playful and the occasionally esoteric insights of contributors to a chosen theme.

Park is published by Clase, a design and creative direction studio in Barcelona, in collaboration with professionals around the world.

Each Park digs and delves into a different subject. The first issue, Copy Park, takes a close look at the concept of ‘copy’, covering a variety of areas ranging from surgery to recipes, including artificial intelligence and mimesis in nature. In this Park, Fabian Treiber paints plastic plants. Ana Méndez de Andes writes on forgery in China. Mariano Herrera & Malva G. Sawada portray children acting like adults. Andrea González & Íñigo de Barrón research on sport centers, silos and Paradores. Brother Art Gallery sells original art reproductions. Guus Kaandorp & Pedro G. Romero scout popular flamenco lyrics. Mónica Escudero & Rita Puig-Serra research on transgenerational cookery. Irkus draws a comic about artificial intelligence and the uncanny valley. And Claret Serrahima shares his thoughts about his fake Hockney painting. Also, as a digital exercise for Copy Park, Amigo Total spam the website showing what influence pornography has on our sexual life.