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POSTSCRIPT is a cultural anthology bringing together the multiplicity of socially engaged and critical thinking women.

For our third issue, we explore the theme of DEFIANCE, featuring stories of transformative resistance, political radicalism and positions of non-conformity, and highlighting those rebelling against the status quo to drive cultural and structural change.

Inside, you’ll find interviews with London activist Ben Hurst, Taiwan’s first Digital Minister Audrey Tang and world athletics champion Christine Ohuruogu, as well as a thought-provoking roundtable discussing male mental health. Throughout, whether in editorials or essays, we cover a host of topics on the impacts of patriarchy, contemporary protest and presentations of femininity.


  • BEN HURST discusses his work deconstructing archetypal forms of masculinity in 21st century Britain

  • ROXY LEGANE critiques the criminal justice process in the UK, drawing upon experiences of state violence from young people of colour

  • NANJALA NYABOLA shares an excerpt from her book ‘Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics’ on the radical feminist resurgence in Kenya

  • AUDREY TANG details her journey from hacker to Taiwan’s first Digital Minister

  • PATRICIA OKOUMOU recounts her experience climbing the Statue of Liberty as an act of protest

  • ELVIRA VEDELAGO questions what the future of gender categorisation holds

  • CHRISTINE OHURUOGU reflects on her athletics career in conversation with Slowe Club founder RO JACKSON

  • KA HO WONG visits the enigmatic Japanese 'women of the sea’

  • TAHMINA BEGUM considers the concept of selfishness as a woman of colour

On the cover is our editorial ‘anta: the revolution’ photographed by Oghale Ogbaudu.


“We found the magazine to be a cultural narrative that is unparalleled and incomparable to anything else available. The magazine is for ‘critical thinkers’ and it delivers entirely on that promise. Absolutely fantastic and inspiring.” - Shreeji News.

68 páginas. 

38 x 30 cm.