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Present #1

Present #1

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For all makers and dreamers. For all dreamers who make. Present is a publication for everyone creating something and challenging themselves on purpose, fighting the fight everyday. As we all do, and all our heroes before us. You are not alone!

We believe all conflicts and sadness is essentially rooted in not being able to work on your favorite unrealized projects. Not being yourself and hiding the work and talent you have inside, is killing you.

We want to share ways of overcoming self-doubts that might hold us back from being truly present. Our magazine is here to inspire and push, motivate and initiate, reflect and trigger. To get closer to what we really want. To execute what we know we need to do.

We believe that to be present, we need the courage to MAKE. Through making, we can discover and uncover ourselves, and realise our limitless potentials. Therefore, Present’s first issue is themed around that crucial first step. The moment when you begin doing what it takes to make what you believe in. Let‘s go!


Present is both a publication and a continuous discourse on creating, chasing and actualizing our dreams. In this increasingly individualistic era, we see Present as platform for social engagement – a place where we can share solutions to the problems faced by all of us, whatever we make or create.

We’ll publish daily routines, empowering habits and insights, gleaned in conversation with the global makers today – and a pinch of wisdom from the old masters. We’ll ask:

Why are you making? How do you manage your time and energy?
How do you concentrate? How do you recharge?
What stresses do you face? And how do you deal with them?
How do you tame your demons?
What are your guilty pleasures? And why do you feel guilty about them?
Do you have a favorite unrealized project? What do you need to achieve it?
How do you stay present in today’s world?

27.5 x 20.5 cm.