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Primary Paper #3

Primary Paper #3

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The third issue from Primary Paper looks at the theme of ‘Environment’. The natural, the social and the physical. A topic with increasing relevance and significant importance today.
In the issue, curators Coquito Cassibba and Jessica McGowan explore the effect of our personal surroundings on the art we make and the stories we tell. They asked contributors to offer their own unique perspective on the theme of Environment. Transcending beyond the immediate, and finding inspiration in culture, community and place.
The desire for the issue is two-fold—the editors want to celebrate the beauty of our environment while also creating conversations to promote awareness and social change. In a conscious effort to consider their own impact, this issue is printed using FSC™ certified paper stocks and processes. Clothing from the fashion stories was either vintage, repurposed or rented, from as many sustainable sources as possible.

In this issue—
Sophie Stafford captures participants of The World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan.
A conversation with the next generation of activists—members of XR Youth and the founders of Kids Against Plastic—with portraits by Charlotte Hadden.
A zero-waste editorial in which Camila Falquez shoots in an Animal Sanctuary using recycled and sustainable fashion.
A moving account by photographer Pat Martin, which looks at nature vs nurture through his own strained and sparsely documented family life.
Agnes Lloyd Platt explores the spatial environment in a visual story of movement and series.
Ben Grieme documents moments of peace within nature, capturing intimate portraits of lovers and park-goers in the city’s parks.
Misha Taylor and Zara Zachrisson travel to southern Portugal to capture a story full of nostalgia and natural beauty, exploring the idea of that it’s ‘the environment that shapes you’.

Issue 3 Contributors―
David Abrahams, Sergiy Barchuk, Julia Brenard, Jareh Das, Camila Falquez, Ben Grieme, Charlotte Hadden, Tess Herbert, Morgan Hill-Murphy, Daniella Rose King, Shibon Kennedy, Agnes Lloyd-Platt, Bec Lorrimer, Pat Martin, Mekdela Maskal, Ronan Mckenzie, Constance Mensh, Camilla Pole, Sophie Stafford, Misha Taylor, Sarah van Rij, Zara Zachrisson

192 pgs, 30 × 22 cm, Softcover, 2019