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Science of the Secondary: Socks

Science of the Secondary: Socks

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Science of the Secondary is an inquisitive approach towards uncovering implicit conditions that exist in our experience of the everyday. When speaking of the term ‘secondary’, we are referring to conditions and sensations that human beings are not conscious of in their day-to-day interaction with things and the immediate surroundings. Accumulating this rich and boundless field of knowledge, the research hopes to draw upon a renewed sensibility towards living, with much excitement and freshness.

"Among the many clothing types in our wardrobe, none leads a more unappreciated existence than the sock. Wavering between undergarment and outerwear, the staggering amount of pressure and force applied to the sock each time we take a step forward attests to its silent resilience. It is thus, not without irony, that the common definition of quality socks lies precisely in how little we take notice of its presence; a good pair of socks becomes one that is absent when worn on the feet..."

'Science of the Secondary: Socks' is the eighth edition in the series of ongoing research conceived and developed by Atelier HOKO.

175 x 250 mm
52 pages
Saddle Stitched
Photography & Illustrations in Full Colour
First published in December 2016
Second reprint 2019
ISBN 978-981-11-0718-4
Published by Atelier HOKO