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The Site Magazine. Vol 39: Foundations/Disruptions

The Site Magazine. Vol 39: Foundations/Disruptions

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The Site Magazine is an independent journal that addresses diverse issues pertaining to our built environment. Through a range of writing types, design projects, and visual formats, each issue advocates for a critical consideration of the layered relations of our built environment posed from varied perspectives, including the cultural, political, formal, social, and ecological.


The Site Magazine Volume 39: Foundations/Disruptions examines both the foundational and disruptive capacities of technology and the ways in which it ultimately shapes our physical, social, and cultural relations, questioning what role designers have in influencing this course. The fifteen pieces collected in this volume address this history of technology, its current digital evolutions, and the agency and responsibility that it bestows upon us as both citizens and designers through four main themes: “Markets,” “Ethics,” “Experimentations,” and “Infiltrations.” Technology in and of itself has no inherent moral value—it is neither good nor bad, but rather it becomes charged by the values we impart to it. As citizens, designers, writers, artists, we have a professional and civic responsibility to consider how the platforms and technologies generating and collecting these data are structured, and how they consequently influence our practice, social engagement, and spatial production.

214 pgs, 28 × 21.5 cm, Softcover