Sneaker Tokyo
Sneaker Tokyo Sneaker Tokyo Sneaker Tokyo Sneaker Tokyo Sneaker Tokyo

Sneaker Tokyo



This is the Puma you have never seen before. This is the third issue of Sneaker Tokyo, one of the most coveted bibles of sneakerism. While the second issue spotlights Hiroshi Fujiwara and Nike, Sneaker Tokyo Vol. 3 focuses on the German sportswear giant, PUMA. As with other Sneaker Tokyo volumes put together by the Shoe Master team, expect stories and sneaker features that are as in-depth as the ocean, and don’t be surprised to find nitty gritty details you don’t know–even if you are already a self-proclaimed sneaker connoisseur.


Published by Marine Planning,

157 pgs, 19 × 24 cm, Paperback, 2010,


Etiquetas: 60's, mar, pop, surf, tiki

Tipo: revista

Marca: Chandal

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