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The Exposed 01

The Exposed 01

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Las revistas están cambiando y mucho! Estamos muy contentos de presentar esta nueva publicación  de fotografía y arte, que además viene acompañada de una app y contenido digital.

The Exposed, tiene muy poco texto, ya que la información sobre los artistas, la obra y su metodología, vienen explicadas bien en videos, o en audios, que podrás reproducir a través de su app gratuita, escaneando las imágenes.

Te la recomendamos muchísimo, tanto la publicación en papel, como el contenido digital, tienen un diseño bonito y sencillo. A quien no le gusta que le cuenten una buena historia?


Puedes consultar su web para mayor información.



The Exposed is a publishing platform that gives equal focus to print and digital expressions. Our dual media publication has developed from the idea of creating a richer experience for the reader. Combining the possibilities of listening to artist discussions and accessing time-based works, while enjoying the slow pace and tactility of the paper magazine.

The inaugural issue of The Exposed Magazine features five young artists, storytellers with an investigative approach to their working methods and subject matter. Although all series are rooted in the genre of documentary photography, each photographer is contextualizing their chosen themes by sculpting new surroundings and challenging current conditions. Our contributors are telling stories that go beyond still photography, interconnecting it with sound, video, sculpture and archival materials.

We hope that you, our reader, will appreciate the slow pace and intimacy of the printed magazine, while exploring our iPhone app full of artist commentaries, sound pieces, and moving imagery.

Place your iPhone over an image and an augmented play button appears. With just a tap on the button, you can trigger audio and video content.

The scannable selection of images are marked with the ear or eye icon and a brief description of the accompanying digital content.