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The Walker House - Rm Schindler

The Walker House - Rm Schindler

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First edition in a series of books dedicated to architects, the houses they built, and (most importantly) the stories behind them. The first edition takes us to LA, adopted home to the Austrian-born American architect, RM Schindler. The book tells the story of how the Walker House came into the possession of its current owner, journalist and design nerd, Andrew Romano, and features interiror photography by longtime Apartamento contributor, Ye Rin Mok.

‘Last October my wife and two kids and I moved into a house with a name: the Ralph G Walker House. The reason our house has a name is not because its original owner, Ralph G Walker, had a name worth knowing—he worked for an insurance company—but because his architect did. Walker’s architect was RM Schindler. Schindler arrived in Los Angeles in 1920, 15 years before Walker hired him, and the work he built during that decade and a half (and beyond) was both miraculous and maddening. Miraculous because it was better than nearly all of his contemporaries’, and maddening because it managed to attract far less attention than anything nearly as good.’

—Andrew Romano

Published by Apartamento Publishing S.L.
June 2018
First edition

Dimensions: 170x240mm
Pages: 80
Binding: Hard cover
Weight: 425g