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Tokyo in Autumn - Nobuyoshi Araki & Yoko Araki

Tokyo in Autumn - Nobuyoshi Araki & Yoko Araki

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I left my job with Dentsu Inc. in 1972; I have forgotten which season. I had decided that I was not going to take any more commercial photographs so naturally, I did not have any work. [...]
However, I had nothing to do, or rather, I had decided to restart my career as a photographer, so I put a Pentax 6x7 with a 50mm lens and a tripod over my shoulder and headed out into the streets. It was the autumn of 1972.”
— excerpt from the artist's statement

Araki’s famous intimate ‘intercourse’ with Tokyo, published again after more than 20 years - wide and in double-tone.
All photos are discussed lively in written conversations with his wife Yoko.

This publication is a new re-issue of Araki’s photobook by the same title, originally published in 1984 by Sanseido and re-issued in 1992 by Chikumashobo, with a new layout and format. The essay ‘Around the Time of “Tokyo in Autumn”’ (first published in Asahi Camera in July 1983) and conversations between Araki and his wife accompanying the photos are provided in Japanese and in English translation.

— from the publisher’s statement (translation by shashasha)

Published by GetsuyoshaReflex Gallery,

208 pgs, 21.5 × 15.5 cm, Hardcover, 2016