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LAST ONE! TOO MUCH #8 Shelters

LAST ONE! TOO MUCH #8 Shelters

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"Magazine of Romantic Geography"

Una maravilla de publicación diseñada y editada en Japón, así que si te gusta el pais del sol naciente... te encantará.

Los articulos son buenisimos y la fotografía espectacular! Trata sobre las ciudades, su diseño, sus habitantes, y como los cambios sociales y ambientales les afectan. Si te preocupa la globalización y como nos afecta, esta es tu revista. 


TOO MUCH  is a magazine about romantic geography. Its purpose is to document our collective experience of cities, and look at the ways people and landscapes make and remake one another. Founded in 2011, TOO MUCH is produced and designed in Japan by a global group of writers, researchers, artists and photographers. It is for those searching for real stories about architecture, cities and art.


This issue is about the shape of shelter, including Gordon Matta-Clark's legendary bodega-turned-kitchen called FOOD, which ran from 1971 to 1974 in New York. It was a restaurant that emerged from the broken infrastructure of the metropolis — a weird idyll in a rundown town where you could eat alchemical concoctions and drink cheap sake with the neighbourhoods' hungry artists.

256 pgs, 25 × 16 cm, Softcover, 2018,