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Triple Cooked #3

Triple Cooked #3

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Third issue of Triple Cooked puts the spotlight on two of our favourite chefs – Rosio Sanchez of Hija de Sanchez, Copenhagen and Shuko Oda of Koya Bar, London. We discuss their backgrounds, how each of them got into cooking and the secrets behind their signature dishes.

Also joining the line up, we travel to New York on a quest for the best beef tartare, go on a juice fast to reset our tastebuds, set up an Instagram account to illegally trade rare beers from around the world and learn how meatless food technology is changing the way we eat for the better.

** Summer is all about al fresco dining, late night BBQs and sipping endless amounts of cold brew. Please do all while reading this magazine. **

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Triple Cooked is a yearly magazine focussing on food, travel, sport and other cultural content. Following a two-week food tour of East Coast USA, two friends came together in the early months of 2015 and decided to write about their gastronomic experiences from around the world. The first zine was released via a series of supper club events in the basement of an old central London butcher shop.

We at Triple Cooked are concerned about the current state of the food industry, contemporary food politics and the importance of a good meal.