Union #2
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Union #2


Union is new magazine which will showcase exciting reportage and journalism from Britain, the USA and around the world. It will focus on those who accomplish the extraordinary.

We firmly believe that there are still people out there with inquisitive minds who are looking for something new, something that provokes thought and offers different ways of looking at the world.

UNION hasn't been produced to be consumed, and then discarded. UNION has been designed to be read, and collected by those who prefer the niche and the new to the mundane and mass spectrum and have a passion for high quality print journalism.  We will tell stories from the margins.

In this issue of UNION we travel to Black Bike Week in North Carolina, visit the white squatter camps of South Africa, seek out possibly the most ridiculous relic of the Third Reich and for our cover story investigate the rise of voodoo offshoot, Santeria, in Los Angeles.

There’s also a chat with drug dealer turned comic, Ms. Pat, and how she turned her life round to the edge of greatness, a punch up at a Bolivian fighting festival and a look at the ongoing ecological disaster that is California’s Salton Sea.

We learn the secrets of pool hustling from legendary pool player Robert ‘Cotton’ LeBlanc and interview the director of NG83 “When We Were B-Boys’, a documentary about breakdance in 1980s Britain. There’s also in depth features on the dangerous sport of diving for Red Abalone, Northern Soul and the story of Bruce Lisker who spent 26 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

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