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Victory Journal #15

Victory Journal #15

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Victory Journal is a print and digital publication devoted to the intersection of sport and culture. Rather than engage in statistical analysis or partisan squabbling, Victory spotlights the drama of sport and the enduring glory of athletic pursuits the world over.

Calling on an elite roster of like-minded contributors, Victory provides a forum for work that is unapologetically enthusiastic and uncompromisingly human. Through extensive reporting, probing personal essays, award-winning photography, illustration, and original films and animations, Victory embraces both classic storytelling methods and those just beginning to emerge.

It's where greatness is defined, will is tested, and limits transcended. We find proving grounds in Dallas, Texas, where Australian superhuman Liz Cambage is exploding stereotypes of WNBA athletes. We discover them in the dark waters of the Everglades, where a nocturnal scene of "herpers" hunt for reptiles for bounty and glory. Elsewhere in Florida, brotherhood is tested as sibling kickers vie for supremacy and sanity in an elite football family. In Ohio, proving grounds are on the mat, where wunderkind heavyweight Kyle Snyder is putting Olympic wrestling back on America's radar. And, in a look back at legendary athletes who retired at the top of their game, we test the outer limits with a question: Where do you go when you have nothing left to prove?