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Yuca #3 Sound Alibi & Time

Yuca #3 Sound Alibi & Time

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YUCA is biannual bookazine devoted to art, photography, literature, and culture. Every issue is a canvas on which a chosen topic, that we call our alibi, couples with a cross-cutting idea in order to inspire everyone who enjoys holding a book in their hands and looking at things from a variety of perspectives. We commission artists, writers, designers, political analysts, and even scientist to create pieces on which they discuss our alibi from their own personal point of view. 

We like to approach the usual questions with fresh senses, to explore ideas and narratives that revolve around something —that can be as common as food— and use them to reconstruct meaning and create new ways to assign it. We welcome the unexpected because we believe that it will always inspire creativity and bring a myriad of alternate possibilities. There might be no certainties any longer but we’re ok with that because this allows us to open up our minds and senses to the unknown.


Instructions to cultivate time. Scores with no notes, no endings, no beginnings. Quests for silence, images of noise. Wake up calls. Buzzing clocks. Hissing muted under water. The universe’s journey from fire to ice, and then from ice to fire. Filling out forms, emptied forms. A buchla played by a woman with light sleep. The omnipresence of absence. Eloquent silence. Futurist pasts. Archives of times to come. The voices and gestures of History. Tradition, Sci Fi and dystopia. Hopeless men. Hopeful millennials. 

How does one live with the absence of a loved one? How can we represent what is hidden from view? With a series entitled “What does Photography have in Common with an Empty Vase?”, photographer Edgar Martins reflects on the concepts of absence and enforced separation for the visual editorial of our Sound Alibi & Time Issue, in your hands this fall.

In our third issue's Fantasy of Perception section, you'll find a totally nuts interpretation of "Time" by Timothy Prus, an incredibly cool man who has been collecting for decades all sorts of eccentric, curious, vintage, vernicular, historical, funky images and documents from several historic periods and all sorts of places. He runs today the @archiveofmodernconflict where he's cofounder, editor and curator and has made so many fantastic books printed by AMC's editorial project.